Natalia Smolianskaia / Smolyanskaya

Artist, curator and philosopher of art specializing in the problems of institutional critique, the role of the avant-garde in the era of “surpassing art”, and the issues of the actualization of art in modern life.

AICA member, PhD in Philosophy from Paris 8, member of the Union of Artists, painting section (1989), laureate of the Innovation Prize (curator of the year, 2020), fellow of the House of Human Sciences in Paris (2018). Works in the fields of installation, video, author’s book, painting, graphics and photo objects, and dance performance (conceptual solution and scenography). Permanent exhibitor since 1982. Graduated in 1981 from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute, art and graphics department.

From 2007-2013, she directed a research program on the theories and practices of the avant-garde and the languages of art at the International College of Philosophy in Paris. Organizer and participant in the complex project “Enter and Permit”. Participant in the project “Place of Art” and leader of the project seminar. 1990-1996 – one of the organizers and participants of all exhibitions of the group “Polygon”. Co-curator of the exhibition project of the group “Polygon” in 4 cultural centres of Belgium, “Transformers” (1995-1996). Participated in international, museum, and local exhibitions.

The works are in the collections of the Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, the Vologda Art Gallery, the collections of the Ruarts Foundation and the House of Abstract Painting Kollerarthouse, as well as private collections in Russia, Germany, Finland, Denmark, France, Belgium, Holland, USA, Austria.

Main Art Exhibitions

19.09 – 24.09, 2023

The Red Wedge Splintering

Solo exhibition

Electrozavod Gallery,

54 Malaya Gruzinskaya, Moscow

23.02 – 2.04, 2023

A Smile for Blockheads

Group installation/ Baumanskaya Patterns exhibition

CCI Fabrika, Moscow

10.02 – 19.03.2023

Diary of a Moscow Schoolgirl

Solo exhibition, curator Dima Filippov,

RuArts Gallery, Moscow

13.12.2019 – 08.01.2020

Smoke and Chocolate

Group exhibition, CCI Fabrika, Moscow

17.10 – 21.10.2018 


Solo exhibition, Promgraphika Gallery with KollerArtHouse, Moscow

11.05 – 10.06.2018  

Le fond de l’air est rouge

Solo exhibition, Curator: Dima Filippov, CCI Fabrika, Moscow

12.04 – 14.06.2018   

Sculptor’s Book

Group exhibition, The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg

26.06 – 31.07.2015

Look and See

Group exhibition, Ruarts Gallery, Moscow

24.03 – 30.03.2014


Group exhibition, Université Paris 8, Paris

06.06 – 25.06.2012


Group exhibition, Proekt Fabrika, Moscow

25.05 – 02.07.2011

Frame Break

Solo exhibition, Ruarts Gallery, Moscow

23.09 – 08.11.2009

Not toys?!

III Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, the State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow

28.06 – 15.10.2007

The Adventures of “The Black Square” by К. Malevich

Group show, The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg

22.12.2005 – 21.03.2006

Collage in Russia

Group show, The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg

13.02 – 14.03.2003

Moscow Abstraction

Group show, The State Tretiakov Gallery

26.12.2002 – 10.01.2003

Space Signs

Solo exhibition, Manege Gallery, Moscow

14.12.2001 – 08.04.2002

Abstraction Art in Russia

Group show, The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg

10.04 – 26.04.1993

Natalia Smolianskaia

Solo exhibition, A3 Gallery, Moscow

30.08 – 06.10.1991

Metaphysics in Art

Group show, Otso Gallery, Finland

05.01 – 21.01.1990

Painting. Graphics

Solo exhibition with Inna Entina, A3 Gallery, Moscow

01.03 – 12.03.1990

Logic of Paradox

Group exhibition, Youth Palace, Moscow

30.09.1989 – 29.10.1990

Czerwone i biale / Red & White

Group show from Russia and Poland, Dijkstra Gallery, Stichting Open Haven Museum, Stichting Circ, Amsterdam


Collection 89

Group exhibition, House of Soviet Culture and Science, Helsinki, Finland


Soviet Contemporary Art

Group exhibition, Tokyo, Osaka, Japan

November 1988

Soviet Contemporary Art

Group exhibition, Balderskilde Gallery, Denmark


New Soviet Art

Group exhibition, Milan, Italy

03.06 – 14.08.1988


Group exhibition, Youth Palace, Moscow

11.03 – 10.04.1988

Neuvostoliiton nuorta taidetta

Group exhibition, Turku, Finaland

July – August, 1988

Artiste and Contemporaneity

The Second exhibition of The First creative association, Artists’s House (Kuznetsky Most, 11), Moscow

06.02 – 27.02.1987

Artiste and Contemporaneity

The First Exhibition of The First Creative Association, Kashirka Gallery, Moscow


XIV-XIX Youth Shows

Polygon Group’s Exhibitions

October 1995 – May 1996     

«Transformers», Polygon-5

Belgium, Cultural Centrums of Tielt, Berghem, Strombeek-Bever, Kutrijk, Belgium

April 1994

«Monuments on the Polygon», Polygon-4

The Central House of Artists, Moscow


Exhibition-Action in connection with the reconstruction of the opera Victory on the Sun,

Taganka theater, Moscow

March 1993

Duets, Polygon -3

with Evgeny Gor,

Oriental Gallery, Moscow

March 1991 


Youth Palace, Moscow

12.07 – 30.07.1990


Sadovniki Municipal Gallery, Moscow

Curatorial Projects

2023, 19.12. – 24.02.2024

grab bars, paper, pieces of wood, fold, paint, build !

Interactive exhibition dedicated to the practice of co-creation in the context of studying pedagogical experience and the experience of artistic pedagogy

MMOMA, Ermolaevsky lane, 17

2020, 14.07. – 18.09.2020

Treatise. Concise expression of Viktor Umnov.

Viktor Umnov’s personal exhibition

Art.ru Agency.

Ozerkovskaya embankment, 26, Moscow

01.05 – 23.06.2019   

Surpassing Art

Exhibition dedicated to the 1968 art in France (Isidore Isou, Guy Debord, Julio Le Park, Daniel Buren, Gérard Fromanger and others)

ММОМА, Gogolevsky Boulevard, 10

«Innovation» Prize (Curator of the Year), 2020

12.12.2018 – 24.03.2019

It’s Forbidden to Forbid

An exhibition dedicated to the events of 1968 in France, the exposition included N. Smolianskaia’s interviews with participants and witnesses of the events, posters, books, works published in the public space

ММОМА, Ermolayevsky Lane, 17

07.02 – 19.03.2016

If there is Water in the Well…

Exhibition of graphic works of Eduard Steinberg,

ММОМА, Gogolevsky Boulevard, 10

05.09 – 13.09.2015

Nothing will grow together because nothing belongs together

Co-curator of the Norwegian curators project, Maria Danielson and Camilla Fagerli

26.06 – 31.07.2015

Look and See

Russian-French Exhibition, with the support of the French Institute in Moscow. Artists: Guillaume Gueren, Christian Lebrat, Anne-Sarah Le Meur, Natalia Smolianskaia.

Ruarts Gallery, Moscow

24.03 – 28.03.2014


Group exhibition,

Paris, Université Paris 8, semaine des arts

03.07 – 31.07.2014

Me We

Direction of an educational curatorial exhibition and joint curation with students, RSUH, CCI Fabrika, Moscow

06.06 – 25.06.2012


CCI Fabrika

Enter and Permit Project

2014 – start of work of the project, creation of the curatorial group of the project, joint work on the project

2015 – the first presentation of the project

2016 – opening of the museum “Enter and Permit”, CCI Fabrika


2019 – Curator, Scores for a meeting, with Anna Kravchenko, GARAGE studios, Moscow;

2018 – Author’s performance within the frame of the project This is a very weird place, 7th International Youth Biennale of Contemporary Art, Special project (head of an educational project), Moscow;

2009 – Concept and scenography, La poupée (dancer Barabara Eliask), Brazil – France;

2003 – Concept and scenography, Crossroads, with the group Blinds, video Cyril Cheluchkin, composer Kuzma Markovnikov, Sam Brook Gallery, Moscow;

1997 – 2003– Concept and scenography, Sister, with the group The Blind – Anna Kouznetsova, Alexander Margorin. Boris Markovnikov’s Studio, Phoenix Gallery, Cultural Center “Home”, Sam Brook Gallery, Moscow.

Main publications

2022 Natalia Smolianskaia, Russian Avant-Garde in the Optics of the Horizontal History of Art / Horizontal Art History and Beyond. Revisiting Peripheral Critical Practices, edited by A.Jakubowska and M. Radomska, Routledge, London, P. 73-85;

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